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Welcome to the Workman Township Website

We are pleased to have this available for our township residents, and others who may be interested in the activities of our township. As we go along we will be making improvements and additions to our website. We will appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Mission Statment:  Workman Township is dedicated to providing safe travel to its citizens and visitors throughout the year. We invite everyone traveling to enjoy the beauty of our township including woods and wildlife, lakes and river.

Workman Township is located in Aitkin County, Minnesota. The township was named for a pioneer settler, borders the west side of Big Sandy Lake and the Sandy Lake flowage.

As of the U.S. Census of 2010, the population was 207; the median age was 52; and the median income was $44,688.


FEMA and TOWNSHIP ROADS (Posted July 23, 2018): Chairman Jim Berg and Supervisor Fred Kamrowski recently met with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to discuss flooding to our township roads during the heavy June and July rains. The meeting resulted in Workman Township receiving an approximate $14,000 grant for our roads. Work will begin immediately. Since 2012 Workman has applied and received nearly $250,000 in grants from various agencies to improve our roads. This has been realized with little or no cost to the township. Chairman Berg said the number 1 priority of the township is to maintain safe roads for all township travelers.

WORKMAN TOWNSHIP SPRING 2018 ROAD CHECK: Monday, April 30th at 9 am Supervisors Berg, Holsten, Kamrowski along with grader operator G. Berg departed the township hall to do the Spring check of roads, right-of-ways, culverts and signs. Inspection was completed by 1 PM. Compared to a few years ago we found all areas checked to be in very good condition. There are several roads that will receive short lengths of class 5 gravel. No road will need to be completely graveled. Several culverts will need to be replaced and several added. Most of the gravel application and ditching will be on Grouse Street, which is the longest road in our township. Local contractors will be contacted for proposals on gravel, ditching, and road work.

HIGH SPEED BROADBAND IS COMING: Chairman Jim Berg met with Danna MacKenzie, Exec. Director of MN Office of Broadband Development, and other officials to discuss high speed broadband for the township. Plans are to apply for grants that will cover the entire cost without burden to the township. The timeframe is expected to be approximately 15 months. High speed internet is important for small business operations, for students doing work on the computer, and has the advantage of bringing higher value to potential property purchasers. As plans develop additional information will be released by the township and providers.

Workman Township Year in Review 2017

Another busy year has passed with the Township Board continuing its effects to streamline the working of the board.

In January, we began the process of moving our elections to mail-in balloting instead of polling-place balloting. Balloting will be managed by Aitkin County Auditor’s Office. Resolution 01-2017-02 was adopted by the board on January 18, 2017 and will be effective for 2018 balloting. At the same time Resolution 01-2017-01 was passed by the board designating the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even numbered years as the date of town general election to be placed on the March 2017 ballot. The Resolution passed with a vote of 24 to 3.

In February we began distributing pamphlets to spread awareness of our cemetery to the area. It was necessary to obtain the services of Aitkin County Road Department due to the accumulation of ice on Grouse Street. The selection of judges for our last on-site election took place. We received notice of the amount, $19,286.81, Workman Township would receive for 2016 storm damage.

There was disappointment in the sparse attendance of our annual meeting in March. A request was received to donate a picture displayed on our walls of the old Rat Lake School to McGregor Historical Society.

In May work began in earnest to prepare the cemetery for the shoot over to take place on Memorial Day. A new planter was constructed and filled with beautiful flowers by Fred and Lu Kamrowski along with several other plantings. Hedge which had not survived the winter was replaced and Sentence-to-Serve cleaned the cemetery. The shoot-over went well in spite of the weather and hopefully this event will take place each year. Sharp’s Forestry Consulting, LCC completed assessment of the trees on Wotring Road. A pollinator site was suggested and researched for the township but was rejected due to the fact it would take at least four years for results to show. Plans were started for a second Township Service Day.

Additional ideas were discussed for Township Service Day, including asking residents to set up tables outside for selling garden produce, etc.

We received our computer program for the cemetery and arrangements for installation were made. This program should enable the township to keep up to date on cemetery business.

In August focus was on weed eradication along the side of roads including Canadian thistle, poison ivy, and wild parsnip. Lake Country Power was contacted and will be removing trees on 512th Lane and 221st Place that pose a danger to power lines. Service Day was postponed until next year due to health problems.

A Fall road review was conducted with the goal in mind of bringing all roads to a level where it will only be necessary to do maintenance, other than routine, on a rotating four year basis. 270th Street and 510th Street, on the west side of the Mississippi have now been graveled. Nistler Construction notified us he was quitting business, so Darlow Excavating has been contracted for snowplowing for the 2017-2018 season.

Our November meeting was attended by officials from Enbridge to give a presentation on progress on the pipeline construction. They indicated the line was relocated due to population growth around the present location. A motion was made at this meeting to submit a cost reimbursement to Enbridge for crossing our roadways of $10,000. Resolution 10-2017-03 was also passed establishing a snow removal policy. Chairman James Berg is working with Eileen Keen’s daughter to write an article for the “Township Insider” on Eileen Keen.

Late Spring or early Summer we will be picking up the used carpeting from the school band room and installing it in our Township Hall. Carpet is being replaced at school and we will get the used at no cost. James Berg has also been checking with Frontier on progress for broadband in our township. We also learned the removal of Grouse Street as a snowmobile trail has not taken place as requested, so further action will be necessary.

Please feel free to contact any member of the township board with your suggestions and ideas. You can follow our township happenings on our website (

- Marlys Knutson, Clerk