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The next monthly meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, 2020, at 4:00 p.m., Palisade Community Center/Firehall.

The public is welcome to attend Workman Township meetings. If you have something for the agenda, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (218-821-0178) a week prior to the meeting date.

Meeting Minutes

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Township Budget

2019 Budget as approved at our Annual Meeting

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2019 workman township board

Board (left to right):  Supervisor Fred Kamrowski, Clerk Wanda Essen, Chairman Jim Berg, Treasurer Betty Berg, Supervisor Marv Holsten

Workman Township Year in Review 2018

January 2018 started out quiet and uneventful. We were still waiting for the cemetery program to be installed and made ready for use. Chairman James Berg was in the process of getting snowplowing problems resolved with a new contractor. Contact with Enbridge regarding passage thru our township continued. Arrangements had been made to obtain used carpet for the town hall from the McGregor School after their remodel in the band room. Resolution 01-2018-01 for a Community-based Aquifer Management Partnership was passed in January.

In February a contract was drawn up by our lawyer and presented to Enbridge for the amount to be paid to cross our roads, along with conditions for restoring the site. Supervisor James Berg spoke with Mille Lacs Electric to obtain details for getting a light at the entrance to our cemetery. Snowplowing for the season has remained short of expectations for the year.

Our annual meeting on March 13, 2018 was again sparsely attended with nine citizens in attendance. Residents were reminded our elections have been changed to November of even numbered years for the township and will be conducted by Aitkin County Auditor’s office by mail. The board proposed an $84,000 budget for 2019, which was passed by the voters. Information on the updated Aitkin County Emergency Alert System was shared. Supervisor James Berg reported on his dealings with Enbridge, which included a $7,500 payment for crossing our roads.

Representatives from Enbridge attended our March meeting for the signing of the $7,500 contact and updating us on what had occurred. Planned meeting with representatives on recreational trails had to be tabled as only Up North Riders rep was in attendance.

In April the Spring Road Check took place on April 30, 2018. James Berg continued to check on the possibility of using the first mile of Grouse Street as a test for a new road product of crushed asphalt. A letter was sent to some Grouse Street residents advising of Frontier’s intent to lay Broadband cable up to 240th Street during the 2018 summer. This however did not take place.

In May, our cemetery was groomed and flowers planted to prepare for the Memorial Day Shoot Over by the American Legion and VFW. Our flag was lowered to half-staff for the passing of Barbara Bush and at that time someone stole the flag and hardware.

A thank you was given to the American Legion and VFW for holding a shoot-over at our cemetery on Memorial Day, which had a very good attendance. It was decided not to pursue a new legislative program allowing the township to collect a portion of fines from violations in our township due to all the paperwork involved. Effort is under way to resolve a run off problem on Grouse Street in an area considered wetland.

In June our township experienced heavy rainfall starting on June 17th which caused extensive damage to many of our roads and ditches. Supervisors Holsten and Kamrowski individually viewed the damaged areas and made repair recommendations. Chairman Berg took photos of the damaged areas, prepared an estimated damage repair cost to bring the damaged areas back to their original condition. The township met with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Our repair plans were approved. The estimated repair cost is over $31,000 when completed.

In July we attended meetings concerning McGregor Fire Department billings in an attempt to gain more insight on how billing is determined. Notice of election was given to Aitkin County Auditor’s office. New trees have been planted in the cemetery.

In August it was decided to contact Palisade Community Center in regards to holding our meetings there over the winter. We will offer to pay $25 a month for use of the center. Wanda Essen has filed for township clerk and Fred Kamrowski has filed for supervisor A. James Berg is still pursuing broadband installation.

In September, Fred Kamrowski reported almost all of the newly planted trees at the cemetery had either died or been mowed down. The recent rainstorms also caused a lot of damage to trees along Grouse Street by the river. Options to keep the checking solvent until the FEMA money is received were discussed and it was decided to cash in the smaller of our CD’s Betty Berg has taken over management of our cemetery program. Palisade Community Center accepted our proposal for use of the community center.

October was the last meeting at the town hall for this year. Meetings for November thru March, including the yearly meeting will be held at the Palisade Community Center. Up North Riders requested we reopen an abandoned road between Hwy 65 and Cty 63. It was decided it would be of no use to the township and they would have to deal with the owner. A fall road check was set for November 2nd. Darlow Excavating was given the contract for the 2018-2019 season.

Our November election resulted in the election of Wanda Essen as clerk and Fred Kamrowski was re-elected as supervisor. A contract was signed with Mille Lacs Electric for placement of a light for our cemetery.

In December, discussion, which began in November, continued regarding a possible drop zone in our area for the helicopter in medical emergency. A possible site has been discussed beside highway 65. This project will include other townships. Over Christmas we experienced two significant snowstorms resulting in our roads needing to be plowed twice. The addition of a wing to our contractor's snowplow allowed for a much better removal of snow from the roads. Several training meetings are scheduled in January for our township board members. We anticipate a payment of approximately $31,000 from FMA in January 2019.

My term as clerk has ended and I want to thank all for allowing me to serve. I have learned much about township government and encourage everyone to become more involved. It is your money we are spending so come and get involved!

- Marlys Knutson, 2018 Clerk

(Note: All months except June and December submitted by outgoing Clerk Marlys Knutson; June and December submitted by Chairman Jim Berg)